Whenever a piece is killed ("captured" in Chess terminology), it leaves behind a Ghost, bound to the spot where the piece was lost. Ghosts may not directly affect gameplay, but they do have the following properties:

  • Any piece passing through the space where a Ghost resides must make a Willpower check. If the check fails, the piece takes 2 points of Cold damage and 1 Fear.
  • If three pieces die on the same space, they form a single Large Ghost. A Large Ghost deals 7 points of Cold damage and 4 Fear.
  • Ghosts can be exorcised from a square by Bishops, at the cost of one turn and 3 gold.

Normally, ghosts can only be returned to life if a pawn reaches the first row of the opposing side's board; however, an alternative (but costly) method of ensuring a piece's immortality is to create a horcrux upon killing a piece on the opposing side.